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Busby SEO Challenge

Writing by Tiger on Monday, 16 of June , 2008 at 10:07 pm

Welcome to my busby official SEO Challenge webpage (SEO means Search Engine Optimization).

What is Busby SEO CHallenge ?

Busby SEO Challenge is the choosen keyword for a SEO contest, it means that when you play a SEO Challenge, You will try to rank as high as possible for a given keyword on search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Msn.

Here the search engine is Google and the keyword is Busby SEO Challenge. The Busby Challenge ends on 31st August 2008, 12:00 midday, Western Australia.

Have you ever seen a busby hat ?

busby seo challenge hat

Here is a old black hat busby SEO Challenge competitor

busby seo challenge black hat

What are the Busby SEO Challenge rewards ?

  • First prize is $5,000
  • Second prize is $2,000
  • Third prize is $500

Do we have to put a link to official Busby SEO Challenge sponsor ?

Yes we have to put a link to the official busby seo challenge but here i don’t put the link, I don’t care, my page is disqualified because I have keyword seo in my domain name, that is a stupid rule !
What some people don’t understand, it’s in real life, in real SEO, there are all kind of unethical acts…

A more important thing to do is to make a link to official SphereTeam busby seo challenge !

Now an another picture about the busby seo worm challenger:

busby SEO blacksmelt challenge

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Seo BlackOut Search Engine Optimization and SEO Black Hat

Writing by Tiger on Sunday, 20 of April , 2008 at 6:32 pm

Welcome to BlackOut SEO, website dedicated to Search Engine Optimization.

You will find on SEO BlackOut, white hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, which will occupy an important part of this website.

A good SEO can not ignore SEO Black hat, to protect themselves from attacks linked to this kind of technology.

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